Beef Shares

Order a whole, half, or quarter equal share of a premium grass-fed steer, dry aged to perfection and custom cut to your specifications. 

For those of you wanting to fill your freezers with grass-fed beef, we offer whole, half, and quarter steers sold by the live weight.

With this option you are purchasing beef "on the hoof" based on live weight prior to slaughter. Your steer - or portion of a steer - will be custom processed in your name to your specifications. When ready, you will pick up your cut meat at the butcher and pay  your own processing fees.

Truman Hill Farm will provide you a healthy and well-finished black Angus steer with proven genetics that was raised and finished on a 100% grass diet, handled humanely, and never given antibiotics or hormones. We will arrange a slaughter date, help you fill out a cut sheet if needed, and transport your steer to the processor.

Whole beef or side of beef - $2.25 lb. live weight

Split side (1/4 equal share of beef) - $2.50 lb. live weight

Live weights are anticipated to be around 1,000 to 1,100 pounds per steer. 

We can’t guarantee an exact hanging weight (what the beef weighs hanging in the cooler), or what the exact yield of cut meat might be, as there are too many variables depending on the characteristics of each animal, moisture loss during dry aging, and what cuts you choose. For example, all bone-in cuts result in higher take-home weights than all boneless cuts. Historically, our steers have dressed out with hanging weights about 60% of live weight. At this ratio, $2.25 lb. live translates to $3.75 lb. hanging weight and $2.50 live translates to $4.17 lb. hanging.

Pickup dates are in early December at Thompson's Meat Processing in Floyd, Va.

To order: Email us at asking for Beef Share Info. We'll send you detailed information on how to order, how to fill out your cut sheet, and what to expect when you pick up your beef. 

Orders taken on a first-come, first-served basis, do don't delay!